Monday, July 28, 2008

New Pictures of My Girl

These are new pictures taken for Isabelle's 18 month birthday. My friend Mitzi took them and she did a great job! It was a very hot day, and 18 month olds aren't very cooperative, but Mitzi got some really good shots and captured Isabelle as she really is. I love these pictures! Thanks Mitzi!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mommy Moments

I love being a mom! It is the greatest job/gift in the world! My baby girl is growing up so fast and I sometimes just wish the little moments we share could last forever. She is so cute and sweet. The little things she does that seem so small are the moments I will treasure forever. Like the time we spend each day putting Dora and Hello Kitty band-aids all over her legs and kissing her pretend owies. Or like the other day when we walked through Target and she was squeezing me around the neck and kissing me on the lips over and over. One of my favorite times of day is breakfast, when Isabelle sits on my lap and we eat our chocolate chip waffles and she tells me, "Mama dink wa," for me to drink my milk. I love how every time we sit down to eat she starts saying a prayer. She squints her eyes and whispers a whole lot of jabber and then claps when she's done. I love the time we spend playing "ashes" (ring around the rosies) over and over and over. I definitely love any time we get to cuddle, since she is so busy all of the time. I love reading her favorite book "Baby's Birthday" with her hundreds of times a week! I could go on forever talking about the little moments I get to share with my baby. I just wish time could stand still and we could have tea parties all day, every day! I think Isabelle would like that!