Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 Months and Growing

We are all so in love with the boy. Best baby ever. We are so blessed to have such a mellow, happy baby. He is such a sweet little guy. My girls cry more than he does! He is truly the most perfect baby and he makes us all smile. He gets about a billion kisses each day and Ruby tells us "Gavin's so cute" about twenty times a day. His sissies adore him! Our little guy makes us all SO happy!

Gavin at 4 months:
Can roll both ways
Loves his voice and has a cute high-pitched scream
Loves his toes
Loves to cuddle and be sung to
Loves his bath but doesn't like it to end
Likes swimming
Is so calm and doesn't even fuss when being attacked by his big sisters and cousins
Is thoroughly entertained by his sisters
Gets super nervous-excited when he knows it's time to nurse
Smiles with his whole body
Makes everyone he meets happy

He is one big boy! Here are his stats from his 4 month checkup.
Length: 26 in- 85%
Weight: 19 lbs 9.5 oz- off the charts!
Head: 44 1/4 cm- 95 %

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love my life. I feel so blessed each day! I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful, healthy children. And that's all that matters. I am so grateful for those little moments during each day that make me so happy. It's the little things the kids say or do that make my life so great. I love to hear "I lub you Mommy" from Ruby. I love to hear the girls tell each other they love each other. I love when Gavi gives me a full body smile. I love a quick kiss and hug from Isabelle. I love their little voices and giggles and I wish I could freeze time and keep those moments! Of course we have plenty of rough moments each day, but I wouldn't trade this for anything!

Here are some pictures of the little moments that make me smile.

What a nice daddy to let the girls paint his toenails!

First Lagoon trip of the year. Love her face here!

Perfection. I love how it looks like his hands are in his pockets!

Mother's Day- all I wanted was this picture! I love my babies.

Ready for our walk to the gas station for an icy ice.

I asked Isabelle to watch Gavin while I brought sleeping Ruby in from the car, and when I came downstairs, they were just hanging out watching some TV.

I love this picture! They look SO sweet.

Practicing his new trick. He's been rolling from tummy to back for over a month now, and can go the other way now too.

Pretty girl!

She loves the monkey bars.

Playing at the park

I LOVE this sweet boy!

Ruby loves to push her babies up and down the sidewalk.

Driving her 4 wheeler

He just never stops smiling! Such a happy 'lil guy.

Love my boys!

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Preschool Grad

Isabelle graduated from preschool a couple weeks ago (sniff, sniff). I can't believe my baby will be in Kindergarten soon. Where does the time go? She has changed so much this past school year, from a toddler to a kid. She has loved preschool and her teacher and friends, and she is so excited for Kindergarten, but right now she's even more excited about summer!

Her preschool program was very cute! Each song they sang got louder and louder! Miss Cindy asked them each a few questions and I loved Isabelle's answers.

When she grows up she wants to be a cowgirl. (Surprise!)
If she could go anywhere in the world, she'd go to the horse stop to buy a horse.
If she had a million dollars she would buy three puppies.

I can't believe how much Isabelle has changed- check out these pictures.

First day of school- August 2011

Last day of preschool- May 2011

And here is her program. Love my little lady!

Isabelle is going to miss Miss Cindy!

I'm a little sad that the three cousins will all be in different schools next year. It's been fun having them together.

Cute girls!

Can't believe this part of her life is over! Makes me all teary eyed!