Thursday, July 15, 2010

Four Generations

I am so grateful for all of these ladies! I'm so glad I have my wonderful Grandma Wilson. She's such a neat woman and I've learned so much from her. It's always so much fun to visit with her, and lucky for her, she is Isabelle's very best friend this week. My mom is my best friend (she and James both, of course)! She does so much for me and my little family. She is always willing to help me with anything and always makes me feel happy. There isn't a day that I don't see her or at least talk to her a couple of times. She is the most selfless person I know. And my girls- I hope everyone knows how much I love them! They are my greatest blessings. It's so nice to have these beautiful women and little ones in my life, and I am surrounded by many others!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Belly Boo

My sweetie is growing up too fast! It's hard for me to think that she'll be starting preschool in the fall. I just want her to stay little.

Isabelle is such a funny and outgoing little girl. She says such hilarious things! She is a little backseat driver and it isn't uncommon to hear her calling people morons or yelling, "move it grandpa!" when someone's too slow in front of us. (I don't know where she learned these things!) I came home from my friend's baby shower and sat down on the couch by Isabelle and she looked me over and said, "looks like you got all nice and clean Mom." I remember thinking the same thing when I was little!

She is obsessed with band-aids and owies lately and is usually wearing a minimum of five band-aids at any given time. She is still a cowgirl and loves all of her horses. Today she came in wearing her new cowgirl boots with my cell phone cord wrapped around her shoulders and waist. The cord was her gun holster! I love to listen to her play by herself. She is so creative and does the voices of all of the different charcters she's playing with. She can keep entertained by playing with pretty much anything. Whether it be a spoon or a toothbrush- it can be a mommy or daddy or whoever she needs it to be.

Isabelle LOVES Ruby. She is such a good big sister to her. She's a little protective of her. Ruby is always happier when Isabelle is around. Isabelle often tells Ruby that she is her best friend, which I think is the cutest thing ever. They just laugh and laugh with each other. My favorite time of the day is in the morning when Isabelle, Ruby and I cuddle and laugh in Isabelle's bed. I love watching the two of them together.

Isabelle is oficially three and a half now, and that's what she'll tell you! Every morning she stands up on her bed to show me how much she grew during the night. She has turned into a kid instead of a toddler, and I don't know if I'm ready for it. Of course, I probably never will be...