Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ruby's One Year Pictures

We are alive! I kind of doubt anyone checks this blog to see anymore though! We are doing great... this blog is not. Reason one- I am just too far behind and don't know where to start. Reason two- I am just too lazy, I guess. Reason three- I got a new computer, so it's been a pain switching over all of my pictures and all of that good stuff. I decided this is probably the best place for me to start. Hopefully someday I'll post pictures of my girls' birthdays and maybe even Christmas, but I won't get my hopes up!

My friend Mitzi took pictures for us for Ruby's first birthday. She is incredible! Check out her website, I love all of these pictures, so you'll notice I posted a lot! We got a few new family pics and the one at the top of my blog looks fabulous over my mantle! There are just too many adorable ones of my girls to choose from. I smile every time I look at these. Thanks Mitzi.

Here goes!