Friday, August 31, 2012

Half a Year...

has flown right by. How can my baby be six months already? I love to watch my kids grow, but really wish I could keep them all little. I love my Gavi and I truly believe he may be the best baby ever. I can't even explain just how much I love this little guy. He is perfection. I'm snuggling him right now, kissing his cheeks, and I wish I could just freeze moments like this.

We have one sweet, chunky little guy! He's delicious. At his six month appointment this he weighed 21 lbs 14.5 oz- still off the charts. He is 28.5 inches- 90th percentile. And his head is off the charts too. All over super healthy and yummy.

Gav sits up like a champ now and tries to scoot when he's on his tummy. Doc says he'll probably start crawling in the next little while, which I'm not super thrilled about. Just stay little!

Gavin is the such an easy-going baby. He just doesn't fuss or cry much. He loves to just sit and watch his sissies play. He lets Isabelle and his cousins haul him around everywhere. As long as he has someone to watch or a toy to play with, he is a happy camper.

We love you Gavin!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Fabulous Life of Ruby

Oh Ruby. What a handful you are. I think you have multiple personalities- laughing and smiling one minute, having a meltdown the next. You are my princess, and you exhaust me!

You wake up in the morning and yell for me as loud as you can until I get to you. Usually the first thing you have to say is either, "can I have a drink of pop?" or "can I change my clothes?" You are a pop-aholic, and you will tell people that you are.

The clothes- you love them and it's a battle every day. You prefer to wear fancy dresses and aren't very happy if they don't twirl. You have a very favorite pink ballerina dress that you like to wear while you dance to Justin Bieber Christmas. You love to wear fancy slips that are way too small for you, even if it's over your clothes. Swimming suits are your new favorite thing. You've even slept in them this summer! You threw a fit at Gymboree for your froggy swimsuit, but at least you've gotten plenty of use out of it. You have four of your own swimsuits, and you also like to wear Sissy's. It took me a while to figure out what you meant when you would say you wanted to wear the "bug" swimming suit- I kept thinking you thought you had one with ladybugs or something- but you actually meant the one that bugs you cause it's kind of small! You aren't so thrilled when your swimsuit gets wet- that usually means it's time for a new one!

There have been days when I know you have truly asked fifty times if we can go swimming at Margo's. (Margo is my aunt.) You LOVE swimming and last night at Margo's pool, you didn't even flip out when you got splashed! You even back-floated and jumped into the pool! We all clapped and you were so proud! If we can't go swimming, you love to put on your swimsuit and play in the bathtub.

You would like to go to Lagoon every day! "I can't wait a go to Agoon!" You are so brave and go on all the rides! It is so fun to watch you at Lagoon! You try really hard not to smile at us- so funny. You even talk in your sleep about Lagoon and Bulgy the Whale!

You love gymnastics! You're the youngest kid in the entire place, but they let you take because you are pretty dang good and you just love it! You love to practice and talk about doing backflips and back-handsprings constantly. You do a billion somersaults a day and we love watching your eyes get big and your tongue hang out while you do "nastics."

You love your baby brother. You says such cute things to him! You call him Gavi, Buster Brown, poor little Gavin, Buddy Boo. I love to hear you say "Gavin, you're so freakin cute!" You just can't seem to get enough of him and he thinks you're spectacular!

You are such a fun, sassy little girl! I love your big blue, expressive eyes. You say the funniest things! I love your cute voice. The other day day I was kissing you and told you I wanted to eat you. You said back to me, "if you're hungry,  I can make you a sandwich."

You want to be one of the big kids. You like to play with Isabelle and her friends and have caught on to how they play. You told me, "pretend we were sisters and you was my mother." You love being with Sissy and it melts my heart to hear you two tell each other "I love you."

Grandma says you're the cleanest two year old she's ever known. You just don't like to be dirty at all. You wipe your hands and face after each bite of food you eat. You freak out if your nose runs. You clean up after your sister.

I love you so much my little Rubycakes! You definitely are a high maintenance little lady, but you make us laugh every day. You are sweet and sassy and the cutest thing ever!
Loving Lagoon

Painting her toenails. She even got to paint Daddy's.

One of Ruby's fave places- Margo's pool

Backyard swimming

My Princess- 2 1/2 years old

Couldn't resist this pic of her painting!

One of her morning outfits. How could you not love a Fancy Nancy nightgown, a tutu, and snowboots?

Like I said- doesn't like to get messy. This was a cleaner way to eat her doughnut.