Monday, March 14, 2011

My Girls

So behind on this blogging stuff. I should just give up on it! My girls have been super cute lately so I thought I'd better record some delightful little things about them. We all have spring fever around here! We are ready for some warm weather. Isabelle talks about going to Disneyland every day and even dreams about it at night. I've been dreaming about it too. She also asks me every day how long til we can go to Lagoon and swimming at my Aunt Margo's pool. We need sunshine!

All about Ruby

Ruby is such a sweetheart and we are so blessed to have her! She brings so much happiness to our family. Here are some tidbits about her.

*She is finally starting to walk. We're working on it! She is just so content to crawl and she has a big sister who brings her everything she needs. Also she is very clingy and likes to be close to Mom and Dad. She gets so happy and excited and laughs and screams when she walks. It's been nice that she's waited a while to walk, but we are ready for it now. She will be much happier and hopefully a bit more independent!
*Ruby is starting to talk a lot. She will repeat lots of things you tell her to say. Her most common words are: Mama, Dada, Sissy, Belle, Papa, backpack (she loves our Dora backpack), scuse you (excuse you), please, dink ooo (thank you), dink (drink), dady (baby), der a go there you go, bubble guppies, Ruby, I love you, and kug (her binkie). Can't forget diarrhea! Her big sis sings the diarrhea song a lot- I know, we're bad parents! The other night Ruby said Pepsi for the first time! Proud parent moment. If she gets in a rhythm, she'll repeat almost anything you tell her to.
*She pretend burps when you tell her to or when anyone else burps. She can make a very good horse whinney just like her sister and clicks her tongue when she plays with horses or wants to ride the horse.
*She loves her baby dolls. She loves to push them in her strollers or our little grocery cart. She rocks her babies and sings to them. She sometimes has to have two babies in her arms when James rocks her to sleep. We almost always have to take a doll with us wherever we go. She also freaks out when we see a baby in a carseat when we're out. She just wants to get the baby and she laughs and laughs at them.
*She loves her big sister and wants to be just like her. She tries to do everything Isabelle does and always wants to play just what Sissy is playing, which kind of drives Isabelle crazy. Luckily Isabelle has learned that if Ruby takes a toy she is playing with, she just gives her a minute to play with it because she knows Ruby will be done with it "in two minutes." When I comb Isabelle's hair, Ruby tries to help. Yesterday Ruby tried to brush Isabelle's teeth for her when she was playing on the computer.
* She loves her Grandpa Roger (Papa). He's pretty much her favorite person. She'll even usually pick him over me. She loves playing with him and she snuggles right up to him and starts humming for him to sing to her while she pats him on the back.
*She is a super picky eater. First thing in the morning, she always tries to get us to give her chocolate! Her favorite food is soup, Chick-Fil-A's chicken noodle is pretty much what she lives on. She does like spaghetti and mac 'n cheese. She likes fruit snacks a lot! It's truly exhausting trying to feed her. You just never know what she'll eat. She's still nursing so at least I know she's getting something in her.
*She loves to make people laugh!
*She climbs in and out of her little chair in her room a hundred times a day- she loves it. She loves to throw everything out of Isabelle's dollhouse which really bugs Isabelle. She loves to read books and empty drawers, and of course throw the DVDs all over. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone and use the TV and Wii remotes.
*Ruby likes to dance. In fact, she even has a signature move. If you tell her to do the "Ruby Dance" she goes right to that move.
*Ruby gives us lots of loves and kisses. I get lots of open-mouth, slobbery kisses throughout the day and I love it! She likes to snuggle. She likes to wake Isabelle up in the morning for preschool by hugging her and crawling on top of her and yelling at her. She is always very happy to see Isabelle in the mornings or anytime, and I have to try and keep her from waking Isabelle up on the days she doesn't have school.
*We put Ruby to sleep in her room, but when she wakes up in the night we bring her in our bed. When she wakes up in the morning, she slaps James on the face to wake him up.
*She is  a jealous little girl. She gets very jealous if we hug and cuddle Isabelle and she's not in on it. She tries to push Isabelle off of our laps.
*She is becoming more and more attached to her blanket. She gets so mad that she has to let go of it to get buckled in her carseat. She hugs it and rock-a-byes it. Sometimes she tries to sneak Isabelle's blanket.
*She is feisty! She used to be so mellow but has developed a very strong personality. She really wears me out some days!

 Ruby is so much fun and so loving and has such a personality. We love her so very much!

All about Isabelle

*Isabelle is still obsessed with horses. She LOVES them! She loves playing with her horses and barn and horse trailer. She loves pretending to be a horse. She is the fastest human I've seen on all fours. She loves horse movies and books. She loves all things horse. I think we're all becoming a little crazy over them.
*She is getting so smart and loves preschool. She writes her name like a champ. She loves to color and draw and write her letters and numbers. If she's not playing horse, she's probably coloring.
*She is very spiritual! She got her own scriptures and gives lots of little sermons. She was so upset when she took her scriptures to church for the first time and didn't get to give a talk or sing "Scripture Power." I love to hear her talk about the things she learns in Primary. Funny story- Last week we rushed to get to church as we always do for 9am church. We were running late of course and left home at about ten after 9. We pulled into the parking lot to find it empty. Stake conference. Sadly this is the second time this has happened to us. We all looked so nice, dangit! Anyway, there was one car in the parking lot, and Isabelle asked whose it was. I told her I didn't know, maybe it was the bishop's. She responded, "maybe it's Jesus' car. He probably gets tired of flying sometimes, so he drives his car!" We liked that answer! You never know what kids are thinking, but it sure makes sense!
*Isabelle loves to play "Hotel". We have to pretend we're on a trip at Disneyland and we sleep in her room. Over and over. She really wants a vacation!
*I bought her a new swimming suit last week and that's what she's been wearing around the house. She just loves to hang out in it and pretend she's going swimming at Margo's.
*She takes very good care of her little sister. They have a lot of fun together. They both truly miss each other when they're apart. They hug a lot and there is nothing that makes me happier than watching them laugh together.
*Some of my favorite things I hear Isabelle say: "Well, well, well. What do we got here?" "I love you Daddy. You're so cute!"
*She calls Ruby "Bootie," and always tries to comfort Ruby when she is crying. 
*She loves having playdates. She would have one every day if she could.
*Her favorite foods- chicken nuggets, quesadillas, fruit, chocolate chip waffles (our main breakfast staple), chicken and rice, carrots, spaghetti, popcorn, Frosted Flakes, mac 'n cheese, grilled cheese, cookie dough
*She is very good at the Wii, especially sword fighting and "Just Dance." She also uses the computer like a pro. She gets herself on to Nick Jr. and knows how to do all of the activities.
*She loves to text James. He gets a lot of messages from her almost every day. Good thing we have unlimited texting!
*She tells everyone we meet how old she is and introduces her little sister and tells them how old Ruby is.
*Isabelle and I love to tell each other stories that we make up. She loves the one I tell her about the princesses named Isabelle and Ruby who have super long hair like Rapunzel and lasso horse thieves with their hair! She and Grandma Becky like to tell each other lots of stories too.
*Isabelle and James love to go on dates. They usually go to McDonald's together every Saturday for a daddy-daugher date, and then do something else fun. They both love it and always have so much fun together. They're like two peas in a pod!
*She has become my easy child. She has gotten a lot easier since she turned four.

Isabelle is such a happy, joyful little girl! She is spunky, friendly and outgoing. She is very sweet and kind and we love her so much and are so grateful for her and the excitement and laughter she brings into our home.

James and I are truly blessed and could not be luckier! We sure do love our girlies!