Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter & Such

We had a fun Easter filled with egg hunts and tons of candy! Sadly, we also had one sick little girl. Poor Ruby had a pretty bad weekend- strep throat and an almost visit to the ER when her temperature hit 107- SCARY! She finally started to perk up Sunday afternoon after she'd been on her medicine for a day. Through it all, she was a sweetie pie. She went to Isabelle's preschool egg hunt and quacked the whole time we fed the ducks at the park, she decorated eggs with us, and she cuddled us (the only good thing about sick kids is snuggling of course). We did manage to have a fun weekend and a nice Easter Sunday, although the girls and I missed church. On Saturday Ruby and I took a much needed 2 1/2 hour nap while James and Isabelle had a date to the movie, we had takeout from Applebee's, we played. Ruby is feeling much better now, thankfully! I did take lots of pictures of the festivities!

Preschool Egg hunt
Isabelle was so excited for this toy. She told me "look Mom, it's a spinner like on Wipeout!"

Isabelle got chased by a duck at the park. Large birds always go after her! She got chased by a huge turkey at my aunt's house! Her cousin Brielle got pulled right down by a duck this day.
 Easter egg decorating

Poor Ruby. You can always tell how she's feeling by her eyes. This was the night she got the ridiculously high fever in the middle of the night.

Easter Morning

The Easter bunny brought Isabelle Rapunzel and Flynn with a boat (from Tangled), a Lalaloopsy, Megamind, a purse, and too much candy.

James and I got Isabelle a bike!

Ruby was so excited! She got a baby, Rapunzel, a car, and a purse.

These girls love each other so much. They make me smile.

The golden egg

Egg hunt with cousins

I love this picture.

My parents have a huge driveway- perfect for trying out the new ride.

Papa always makes Ruby happy.
Cousin Pictures
I think it's so cute how Ike and Ruby are looking at each other. Ruby yells "Ike!" frequently throughout each day.

My mom gives them all gorgeous Easter dresses each year.

My sweeties in their matching dresses.

I am so thankful for this holiday and what we celebrate. I am so blessed and I love my little family so much!