Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Baby Update

We had our big ultrasound last week and everything looked perfect with the baby! I love ultrasounds! It's so nice to see the little person who's growing inside you. It's an adorable little baby! We're just so grateful to know that the baby is healthy.

Isabelle came with us to the ultrasound and loved it. She was so excited the whole time and loved to see the baby waving at her! She has been talking to the baby lately, and even kissing my tummy. She still says the baby is a girl and we should name her Pink. Also, she says Daddy has a boy baby in his tummy. She has a girl in her tummy too, and most of the time she tells us she has one, two, three, four babies in her tummy! I'm happy that she seems to kind of understand what's going on, and that so far, she's excited!

Next week will be our halfway mark with the pregnancy. I can't believe it! I can feel the baby a lot now, and James was even able to feel it the other night! We're all very excited!

Friday, July 3, 2009

She's Growing Up

My baby turned two and a half the other day! I'm kind of one to keep track of little "birthdays" because I always like to have a reason to celebrate! I can't believe how grown up our little gal is getting. She is hilarious! Busy, busy, busy!

Isabelle's favorite things to do lately are tap dance and sing, play outside with friends, and pretty much do anything that has to do with being outside- Lagoon, swimming, lying on the lawn watching fireworks or looking at the stars.

The other night Isabelle got mad at James because he got water in her eyes when he was washing her hair, and she yelled at him, "You go away! You go get in your Aflac car and go to work!" She loves to go places with Daddy in his "Aflac" car, especially on their Saturday dates to McDonald's. Last week I asked her if I could come with them to McDonald's and she told me, "no, you stay here your home." She didn't want me to intrude on their time together.

This morning I was having an emotional pregnancy day and was crying a bit. Isabelle went up to her room and brought me down one of her blankies and some tissues. She told me, "it be all right Mommy, no guy will get you." She's so sweet to take care of me. Tonight she helped James give me a neck massage!

I am so glad for a little girl who keeps things light when you feel a bit stressed. There is never a dull moment with Isabelle around! She has made James and me so happy!

We started out Isabelle's half birthday with candles in her waffle. It didn't go too well! She couldn't blow them out so she decided to put them out with her fingers and got burned! I felt awful!

That night, we went out and took some pictures. I thought they turned out pretty cute! She was very attached to her new sunglasses that night.

And the favorite picture of the night...

Isabelle had to go potty and we were nowhere near one! James just squatted her over some weeds and she went! Only a dad would do this! We need them for these reasons!