Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Isabelle started taking tumbling a few weeks ago and loves it! She is always doing handstands and crazy tricks around the house, so we figured we'd put all that energy to good use! She's quite a coordinated little girl and she's catching on very quickly. It's hilarious to watch their class. Three and four year olds have very short attention spans and a lot to talk about! Their coach definitely has a lot of patience. Isabelle is excited to go each week- actually, she wants to go every day! I can't believe how fast she's growing up and I'm glad we've found something exciting for her to look forward to every week!

PS- She also looks super cute in her leotard!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Months Old Already!

Ruby turned two months old on Sunday. We had a little birthday party for her with a pink, heart-shaped cake (We did the same thing when Isabelle was two months old). Of course we all enjoyed it more than she did, especially Isabelle who sang "happy birthday to dear Ruby" all day, and got to blow out the candle. My nephew was very worried that he didn't bring Ruby any presents!

Ruby is such a happy baby. I am so grateful for her mellow personality and pure sweetness. I love so many things about her, especially her gummy smile and cute little tongue that's always moving. I love, love that she is a cuddler. She molds herself perfectly against me and just loves to snuggle. She is getting super chubby and pinchable! I just want to eat her sometimes!

Yesterday we went for her two month appointment. She weighed 12 lbs 1 oz (75th%), was 23 inches long (75%), and her head was in the 50th percentile. She's on her way to catching up to Isabelle who was always in the 90 to 95th percentile for weight. The doctor commented on how she doesn't have much of a neck (just chins)! That's fine by us though- we like them chunky!

Ruby makes us all so happy. She is so beautiful and perfect! We love her so much!

Now I can't leave out Miss Isabelle. She's as entertaining as ever. She's had a few naughty moments lately, like coloring on Ruby's face with a pen, but other than that, she's a really good big sister. She always wants to hold "Wooby".

Lately Isabelle has started playing pretend a lot more. She lines up her stuffed animals and all of our calculators and plays school. It's so funny to listen in. She likes to play "waitress" and take our orders. Tonight I told her I wanted a hamburger with no mustard or ketchup and she turned around and yelled, "hamburger, no mustard!" (Apparently we eat at fast food restaurants too often!) She loves to sing and makes up songs about what's going on around her. She loves to tell me stories that she makes up. She occasionally has an imaginary friend named Africa. She calls people morons and idiots when we're driving (we only have ourselves to blame). She surprises us constantly with the things she says. She's a hilarious little girl with a big imagination!