Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our May

This might be kind of a long post, but it's mostly pictures. We've had a fun month of May, in spite of the never-endng winter weather!

I guess I'll start with our little mini vacation we took last week. We went to the Homestead in Midway and had so much fun! We saw Shrek 4, swam, shopped, and Isabelle got to ride a horse- such an exciting event for her! Isabelle is obsessed with horses. She is always either playing with horses or being a horse, to the point that it often drives us crazy. It was, however, the highlight of the weekend to ride the horse named Cali. Isabelle called the weekend "Ruby's trip," and only thought we were on the trip when we were at the resort. Ruby had her first swimming experience. She was a little nervous the first time we swam, but the next time she loved it! The other morning Isabelle was sad and I asked her what was wrong and she told me, "when Daddy gets home from work, I want to go back on Ruby's trip."

Here are some fun pictures from "Ruby's trip."

Every year we like to make a trip down to Temple Square to see the tulips. I love the beautiful colors and we got such cute pictures of the girls and their cousins. This will definitely be picture overload!

We celebrated the one year anniversary of my brother's liver transplant with a big party/ BBQ! We are so happy Nick is doing so well. He has been so blessed and we are thankful every day that he is here with us!

James and I thought we were pretty clever with the cake.

Here are a few of my other favorite pictures.

Good times and great memories!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Heart James

Today is our seven year anniversary! I can't believe how quickly time flies. It makes me feel so old to have been married that long! I was nineteen and James was twenty-one when we got married, and I always say I'm glad we got married so young so we could have more time to be together! I'm SO happy to be married to my best friend. James makes me a better person. He makes me laugh every day. He is such a good daddy. He's hot, and sweet, and fun, and outgoing, and such a hard worker. We are so compatible. I love him so much and am so blessed to have him as my husband. I love you Jamesy! Here's to seventy more years of bliss! Loved you then, love you still; always have and always will...

We're going on a little getaway with the girls for the weekend today! James is surprising us and we don't know where we're going, but Isabelle and I are super excited!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunburns Stink!

James and I feel like we deserve "parent of the year" awards. (Serious sarcasm there.) Poor little Ruby got fried this past weekend and it's so sad! We were at a fundraiser on Saturday for three hours and we completely forgot to sunblock our girls. They both got pretty burnt, but poor Ruby's skin has never even seen the sun, so she got it bad. She has a line around her head from her bow so she looks like she's wearing a yamika! Her little head has even blistered. I've been slathering her in aloe vera lotion and burn salve, putting cool cloths on her head, and giving her acetiminophen.  I feel like the worst mother ever, and through it all, she just keeps on smiling.

Each of us has taken a turn being super sick over the past week and a half. I think we're finally at the end, fingers crossed. It's been rough, and I'm sick of the sick! Sadly, my worst sick day was Mother's Day. James and the girls still tried to make it special for me, even though James wasn't feeling great either. It just breaks my heart when my little ones are sick. They just don't know what to do with themselves and you can't know how badly they're feeling. Isabelle was so sick of throwing up and just wanted to get out and play! Ruby just cried and we could only try to comfort her.  I'm so very glad we're all on the mend!

On the brighter side, Isabelle's sunburn covered up her black eye she got on her trampoline! She gave herself a pretty good shiner, though you can barely even see it in pictures. The funniest thing about her black eye was that she and James were at McDonald's and just happened to be behind a member of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) in line, who asked Isabelle what happened to her eye. She told him and he said, "a trampoline, huh?" and looked over at James. Poor Isabelle also, of course, had huge scratches on her arm from her cousin Ike. James couldn't believe the guy would think he hurt his child. I thought it was a pretty hilarious story!
Sunburned Girlies
Cooling her off... I could just eat her!
Me and my beautiful girls. Ruby did not want her picture taken.
I wish you could see her black eye better in this picture.