Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Potty Time!

Isabelle with the potty chart Daddy made her.

So, it's official. My little girl is potty trained! I can't believe it! I truly didn't think the whole thing would go as smoothly as it has, and I hope that she doesn't have a relapse, but so far I am amazed!

We started the whole potting training thing last Monday and she has only had two or three accidents since then. She is telling us now when she needs to go, and has even learned how to use it to her advantage, like when she's sick of being contained at a restaurant. She alternates between pull-ups and big girl panties, just depending on her mood of the day, but she knows not to go potty in either of them.

The three things that worked best for us were a potty chart that James made her, a potty watch, and our family "I'm proud of you" song. I highly recommend the potty watch! You can get them at Kid to Kid for just $10, and they play a song every thirty, sixty, or ninety minutes. Not only does it let Isabelle know it's time to go potty, it reminds me to take her. It has really worked! Every time the potty watch goes off, Isabelle yells, "potty time!" and runs to the bathroom.

Tonight we took Isabelle to pick out her potty prize. We've been talking about it for a long time now, so she knew exactly what she wanted. She got another baby stroller. We now have three. They're everywhere. She's thrilled! She loves to take her baby and stroller to the mall or Target or anywhere else we may go. We never pack lightly when we run errands!

Anyway, she's a big kid now! I thought I would feel sad when she wasn't in diapers anymore, just because that would mean she isn't a baby anymore. However, I'm feeling pretty good about not having to change stinky diapers, and I'm enjoying the cute new things she does and says now. Whenever she sits on the big potty, and I kneel down to hold on to her, she kisses me over and over and whispers to me. I also love how excited she gets when she goes and we sing to her and she sings and dances along. Also, she tells me she did a daddy poop, a mommy poop, and a baby poop. Kind of gross, I know, but so cute to me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Circus, Circus!

So, as usual, I'm a little behind. I was going to post our circus pictures last week and be so on top of things, but we had some computer problems.

Anyway, last Saturday night we went to the circus with James' sister Bethany, her husband Dustin, and their nephew Colby. It was a lot of fun! Maybe not worth the $16 per person it cost us to get in, but Isabelle had a great time. She was so excited to see the elephants. Her uncle and daddy spoiled her with toys and treats. It was a really fun night! Thanks for inviting us Bethany and Dustin!

Not a very long post! I don't have much time right now. So here are the pictures from the circus and a few other cute pictures of my girl!

So excited to see the elephants!

Fun family times!

Daddy and Belly Boo

Dustin, Colby, and Bethany

Isabelle playing with her cute friends Rachel and Josh.

Eating dinner on the counter. Less cleanup for Mom!

I love this face!

She loves her baby!

...And her stroller.

She takes them everywhere!