Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garage Sale for Nick!

I'm sure many of you already know so much about what has been going on with my brother Nick. This weekend, my family and extended family are holding a charitable garage sale for him. You can imagine the medical bills that come from a liver transplant, along with the 51 days he has spent in the hospital this year, and the chemotherapy he is currently receiving every two weeks. I hope you will come if you're able, and please pass this message on to anyone you can. We will have a lot of awesome stuff there! We have a huge extended family who are all participating. We know that any money we can bring in will truly help Nick and his family!

I will also be posting soon about another charitable event being held for Nick and another lady who also has cancer. It will be a 5K run/2 mile walk, and a pancake breakfast with an auction, being held on September 12th. I will give more details within a few days.

Thank you all for the support you've shown to our family during this time! It is more appreciated than you can imagine!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lovin' Summer

With the end of summer fast approaching, we've been trying to fit in as many activities as we can. I love summer, and it truly hurts me to watch it dwindle away! We've had a lot of fun visiting your usual summer destinations. We've been to Lagoon at least once a week. We had a fabulous day at the zoo, and a fun-filled night at the fair. Isabelle wants to watch fireworks every night. She asks us almost every night if we can get our jammies on and lay on a blanket in the backyard to watch the fireworks! She has had fun at parades and picnics. There is still so much more I want to do over the next few weeks. I hope we can fit some more fun in! Here are some pictures from the last little while. I'm not much of a blogger- I try, but I stink at it. I find it easier to just post pictures!

Zoo time! This has been a long time coming. Isabelle wanted the zoo to be her reward for getting potty trained.

My cuties

We loved the real elephants. We have to go back soon to see the new little baby!

Mommy and Isabelle

Weber County Fair- Isabelle loved the pigs, smell and all!

Isabelle wanted to ride a baby horse so badly. We didn't know they were doing pony rides, so she was thrilled to get to ride this cute pony.

Isabelle brushed this ginormous cow for a long time. I told James that this is exactly how I feel sometimes!

Check out the horns on that bad boy!

Horse and Hitch Parade

Emma and Isabelle- they have become very good friends lately. Emma is so sweet to Isabelle!

South Weber Days Parade- My neices Brielle, Jill, and Emma with Isabelle

James and me waiting for the parade. James had just run a 5K with my sister-in-law, Rachael! (More to come on that later.)

Isabelle got a ton of candy! She was thrilled!

Watching the parade go by. She said her favorite part of the parade was the horsies. Sadly there were only two of them.

After the parade hanging out at Grandma and Papa's. Isabelle and her cousins love to play in the little waterfall. Shortly after this picture, Isabelle took her panties off and climbed on in!

Ike and Isabelle- they have a love/hate relationship. No matter what, they both end up injured when they get together.

Me and my girl

She is just so dang cute! I can't deny it!

Isabelle in what she has named her "Target dress." James had just taken a preggo picture of me from the side, so Isabelle had to get one of her own baby bump.

Hanging out, the best of friends!

Cutie Patootie

Isabelle is a little obsessed with Hannah Montana lately. (Or as she calls her, "Hannah Tanna.") She had just put makeup on herself and was singing Hannah songs on her bed. She knows all of the words to "Best of Both Worlds"!!! It's pretty hilarious!

Anyway, I do wish summer could last forever! Thank goodness for the little sunshine in my life. She keeps things exciting all of the time!