Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've been awful at blogging lately. I just haven't had the time or energy to do it. I'm feeling a lot better now and I'm starting to feel more energetic, thank goodness. Now I'm just tired! So usually it comes down to blogging or going to sleep, and sleeping has been the winner!

This year we got season passes to Lagoon! My whole family did. The first two times we went, I was sure we had just wasted a lot of money. Isabelle wouldn't ride on anything. We put her on Bulgy the Whale first, and she was so excited. She got a little nervous though. The entire ride she just said "wee, wee, wee!" She never stopped. After that, the only other things we could get her on were the little cars that they drive, the Merry-go-round, and the train. I was very disappointed because I thought she would be much braver this year, and she loved Disneyland. I thought it was going to be a boring summer at Lagoon, since I can only ride like two things and Isabelle wouldn't go on anything. I thought we'd end up spending the summer watching James ride big rides by himself!

The second time we went, Isabelle didn't do any better. She rode the same four rides. We went with cousins that time, and I thought that might help, but it didn't. I thought we were doomed. However, third time was a charm! More cousins came, and we talked about being brave the whole day before we went, and Isabelle was excited. She suddenly became brave. She went on Puff twice with James and loved it. She even held her hands in the air! She even went on the Music Express- a pretty big ride for a two year old. She smiled and held her hands up the whole time. James was laughing hysterically! I was so happy to see her having fun! She went on lots of the kiddie rides and didn't want to leave.

It's funny, because every day, even when she was scared of the rides, she would beg me to take her to "Galoon." That's how she says Lagoon. She gets on her play phone and calls all of her cousins all day asking them if they want to go to Galoon with her and go on the whales and the train and see the animals. She just loves it there.

I'm so glad we decided to get the season passes after all! I'm sure we'll be going at least once a week throughout the summer. If anyone ever wants to go, just give us a call!