Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby #3!

We are so excited that a new little one will be joining our family in February! I'm about 16 weeks along now and finally getting back a little energy. I was basically sick the entire summer so I am ready to feel better. We aren't finding out what the baby is again. We like a good surprise! The girls are excited- well at least Isabelle is. I don't think Ruby has a clue what's coming, although she does associate my stomach with a baby. We feel very blessed and excited!

Hopefully I'll start working on a post about our summer. It's obviously long overdue!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Isabelle played t-ball this year and it was so cute! She had mixed feelings about it- she loved batting but wasn't so thrilled about playing in the field. She would tell us, "it takes FOREVER!" True, there's not much excitement in the field unless you're playing pitcher or first base, since that's where 99% of the hits land. She spent a lot of time visiting with her teammates and running back and forth to our blanket for drinks.

The kids were hilarious to watch- even up to the last game some still forgot to run after they hit the ball, or ran the wrong direction, or took their bat with them to first. Some kids wouldn't even try to get the ball, and one kid on her team would actually tackle his own teammates to get the ball. He'd be in the outfield and run all the way to the pitcher's position and jump on a kid trying to get the ball. It got to where the coach would grab him and hold onto him to stop him. He really bugged Isabelle! Isabelle had a fantastic coach who was so patient and sweet!

Overall, I think Isabelle had fun! She hung in 'til the end and got a trophy that she is very proud of! She sure did look cute playing!