Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Could Just Eat Them!

I could truly just nibble on Ruby's thighs or Isabelle's cheeks. These girls are just too sweet and delicious and fun!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ruby's Blessing & My Sick Girls

On Sunday the 28th, we had Ruby's blessing. It was a such a special day! James gave Ruby a beautiful blessing and I am so grateful he was able to do so. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful support group in our lives! Ruby was absolutely beautiful! We had a big luncheon at my parent's house afterward (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Poor Ruby wasn't feeling well on the day of her blessing, however. It seems like something always goes wrong on important days! Isabelle had been pretty sick for a few days, and Ruby kind of caught it too. Isabelle threw up three times the day of the blessing, not from the flu, but because she had such a bad cough. She truly wouldn't even stop running and playing with her cousins to throw up! She's been this way the entire time she's been sick. I can't tell you how many places she's thrown up lately. She seems just fine, then she gets a coughing attack. We took her and Ruby to the doctor the day after the blessing and Isabelle had some crackling in her lungs (which would lead to pneumonia if not treated) so she had to start using a nebulizer three times a day (super fun for a three year old!). Ruby went to the doctor three times last week becuase she kept getting worse, and I just couldn't stand to see her sick. We had to get a suction machine for her, which she hated. She was coughing so hard the next day, and was having a difficult time breathing, so I took her back again, and the doctor told me to only use the machine once a day or not at all, and just use saline drops (after I'd just paid $50 to rent the thing). It was so sad to see my baby so sick, and it scared me to death to see her trying so hard to breathe. They've both slowly been getting better and I think we're almost there. Neither are coughing much anymore. Ruby's still a bit stuffy, but I'm just glad we were able to avoid RSV! Poor girls! I just hate seeing them sick because they just don't understand. I'm so glad they're feeling better!

You can see the sweet girl doesn't feel well by her red eyes.