Friday, June 13, 2008

Fish Farm Fun

Our trip to the fish farm was a while back, but our computer has been out of commission for a while. Anyway, Isabelle and I tagged along on a preschool fieldtrip to the fish farm with my brother and sister and their kids and we had a great time! Of course the whole experience goes by very quickly, because it takes approximately 2.5 seconds to catch a fish. The worst part was when my brother took off to another pond and left my sister and me alone to get our own fish off of the hooks(on purpose, because he wanted to see us suffer). Luckily, another dad came along and saved our day and our hands! We didn't want to have to actually touch the little buggers! The fish Isabelle caught was itty bitty and it still cost about $4! It was a fun time and definitely made for some good entertainment!