Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Not...

go back and catch up? I might as well!

Let's start with September. James' birthday month. He turned 31- not a super exciting birthday. I am really having a hard time even thinking back as far as September! I'm thankful for pictures to document these times since I am definitely slacking and maybe even on a different planet.

She really loves her baby brudder.
Lookin' stylish as a big Kindergartener

Happy Birthday fab Daddy!

Love summer dresses!

Love the love!

Oh how I miss those gorgeous flowers in the yucky winter!

Getting rid of the binky isn't so easy when your brother's is the same one! Matching "kugs"

Loving the outfit and that she's hanging from a tree in a stroller held by a jump rope. Grandma's house is always fun!

Poor sleeping baby in a girl bib.
Apparently September wasn't super exciting! But hey, it's been documented!