Friday, March 29, 2013

Ruby is 3!

Oh Ruby! What a three year old! Never a dull moment with this little princess. She is a sweetheart. We sometimes think she may have multiple personality disorder. One minute she is happy and angelic, the next she is having a meltdown. I could eat her though. I love my baby girl and I can't believe three years have passed since she joined our family. We were so surprised to have a second girl, and I'm grateful because she and Isabelle are best friends (92% of the time.)

Here's Ruby Noelle as a newby. Love her beautiful lips- one of the first things we noticed when she was born.

Ruby is timid around those she doesn't know, but believe me, she is a very outspoken and talkative little girl. The things she says amaze me sometimes! She uses words like finally, actually, definitely, and apparently in her conversations. She is super funny. 

Here are a couple of funny things she's said lately.
* To Gavin: "You're so brave Gav, you're just so, so brave."
* "I'm just so glad we got a little brudder now."
* We were watching Duck Dynasty and at the beginning where all the guys come out of the limo she said, "Whoa, those guys are cute!"
* About Gavin: "He's kind of difficult."
* I guess she's not thrilled with James' work car. She asks me all the time why Daddy has to drive his "woman car."

Some more about Ruby:
Has to have pop first thing in the morning. She is turning into quite the little gymnast with Isabelle as her teacher. Best handstand I’ve seen a 3 year old do yet! She loves to be pretty and dress up. She likes to wear costumes and swimsuits as much as possible. She adores taking baths, especially while wearing a swimsuit. She spends a lot of time each day playing in the sink with her toys while standing on the toilet. She is very self sufficient- takes herself to the potty, helps me out, watches Gavin. She sings a lot! We were walking in the store and she sings, “hey, I just met you, this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe!” She will burst out with “I’m sexy and I know it!” She loves dancing and gymnastics. She loves to play with Isabelle and Isabelle’s friends. Luckily Sissy is very patient with her most of the time. I love her sweetness. She will just suddenly tell us she loves us out of the blue. Makes you smile every time. She adores Gavin! She takes such good care of him and is always sweet with him. She is always happy to see him!

These are the pictures I took for Ruby's invite. Sassy little lady! 

Ruby is very into Tinkerbell! She loves to watch the movies, especially "Secret of the Wings." Her birthday was filled with Tinkerbell gifts, and her party was Tinkerbell themed. 

I asked Ruby a bunch of questions a few weeks ago that I hope to ask her every year on her birthday. I wish I had done it in December, but I didn't think to. 

Here are her favorites.
Color: my bruise, yellow (she had a huge color-changing bruise on her head from running into the door!)
Toy: a baby
Fruit: apple
Movie: Secret of the Wings
Lunch: brownie
Game: playing dogs
Outfit: Tinkerbell
Snack: fruit snacks
Animal: rabbit
Song: Call Me Maybe
Book: Babies
Best Friend: Keylee (the cute girl who babysits for us sometimes)
Cereal: Marfmellows (Lucky Charms)
Thing to do outside: trip (?)
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Holiday: Lagoon
Breakfast: a waffle
Sport: alligators (?)
When she grows up she wants to be a rockstar.
If she could meet someone famous it'd be Justin Bieber.
The coolest person in the world is Isabelle.
If she could change her name she would change it to Abbey.
If she could go anywhere she would go to a movie and car zoom.
If she had one wish it would be: my paper that grandma gave me. (My mom gave her a little notepad and I guess it made an impression.)
When she was little: "I tripped. I went to a pizza place and I ate the wrapper on the pizza."

I'm so happy to have our sweet Little Ruby! She certainly makes us laugh and smile!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

November Pictures

It must not have been the most exciting month of the year. I don't have a whole lot of pictures of the month, and I really have no recollection of anything that happened! These are my favorite pictures from the month though.

Gavin at nine months

Sweet sleeping baby

Toys and a basket = at least ten minutes of excitement.

Love my boys!

Pretty girl!

Sporting the hat she made in nursery.

Friday, February 15, 2013

On to October

Look at me go! October recap. My birthday! Also not my most exciting (29), but I don't mind. A wonderfully warm Halloween- the kiddos didn't even need jackets! Isabelle went to lots of Halloween events and wore a different costume to each one. Ruby basically wears a costume every day of the year if she can. Fun times!

A picture with the kidlets for my birthday.

Lots of help blowing out my candles.

Just love the sweet and funny faces on this boy.

Ruby playing "book fair"

Time to pick our pumpkins!

Pumpkin Walk

Isabelle was a rockstar for this event- or maybe a teenager. Who is this sixteen year old? We are in trouble!
Kissing Grandma in the sunset
Halloween! A cheerleader..
Princess Belle (not the original costume plan)..
And a freaking cute pirate!
Ruby- she is just in her own world!
Oh, I do love those fat legs and arm rolls!
Isn't he cute?

She spends all day on Sunday in her church dress. Even now that we have 9 o'clock church. She "just wants to leave it on to show Grandma and Papa."
 And that's October in a nutshell!

Why Not...

go back and catch up? I might as well!

Let's start with September. James' birthday month. He turned 31- not a super exciting birthday. I am really having a hard time even thinking back as far as September! I'm thankful for pictures to document these times since I am definitely slacking and maybe even on a different planet.

She really loves her baby brudder.
Lookin' stylish as a big Kindergartener

Happy Birthday fab Daddy!

Love summer dresses!

Love the love!

Oh how I miss those gorgeous flowers in the yucky winter!

Getting rid of the binky isn't so easy when your brother's is the same one! Matching "kugs"

Loving the outfit and that she's hanging from a tree in a stroller held by a jump rope. Grandma's house is always fun!

Poor sleeping baby in a girl bib.
Apparently September wasn't super exciting! But hey, it's been documented!